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Get on the list for "The Kite Ajenda" the montly newsletter
Kites for Training

Kites for Training

Trainer kites for learning to snowkite, kitesurf, kiteboard and landboard.

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Check out the range of TRAINER KITES!

Perfect for learning to kite!

Super easy and safe to learn about how to steer the kite around the wind window!


  • from $349.99

    HQ Hydra Trainer Kite

    HYDRA Crowded beaches and no space for kiting? Launch the “Hydra” and head off into the water! The “Hydra” is a unique trainer kite designed to re...

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    from $349.99
  • from $849.00

    Flysurfer Hybrid

    HYBRID Progression, Hydrofoil, Travel, Touring Foil Kite Sizes: 2.5 / 3.5 / 5.5 / 7.5 / 9.5 / 11.5 Includes: HYBRID HYBRID Bag Repair Kit S...

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    from $849.00
  • from $256.00

    Ozone Ignition Trainer Kite

    Ozone Ignition Trainer Kite Designed to bring out the kiter within everyone, the Ignition 3-line trainer kite is smooth and stable with steady resp...

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    from $256.00
  • $269.99

    HQ Rush Pro Trainer Kite

    RUSH PRO  You are looking for a kite that meets all the requirements of a real power kite? A full performance offers, controllable and e...

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  • from $443.00

    Ozone Uno V2

    OZONE UNO V2 The foremost Leading Edge Inflatable trainer kite! The Uno V2 is a simple, affordable and robust inflatable de-power trainer kite. It’...

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    from $443.00